Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions you might have but please feel free to contact us by phone at 1-888-551-6905 or via e-mail.

A. The window section can be placed in either the third section (second from top) or the fourth (top) section.

A. The lower the gauge, the thicker (and stronger) the steel. For example, 24-gauge steel is thicker than 27-gauge steel. However, a “sandwich” constructed door with two 27-gauge steel skins bonded to an insulated core is stronger than a “steel frame” door with a single 24-gauge steel skin.

A. R-value is a measurement of thermal efficiency of a garage door, or how well it insulates. Insulation is an important factor to consider when purchasing a garage door. If you plan to spend a lot of time in your garage, or if you have a room directly above or adjacent to your garage, you will want to purchase a garage door that offers a high R-value. If your garage is not attached to your house, or you are not concerned with insulation, you can purchase a door with a lower R-value or no garage door insulation at all.

A. Just about any opener can be installed with your new garage doors, however, we recommend that you first check with the opener manufacturer to find out if the unit you own meets current government safety standards as required by law. Once you verify that the unit is in compliance, you can begin the project. And remember: reinforce your garage doors before attaching the automatic opener!

A. Broken springs will need to be replaced.  If you have a sectional door, there are two types of springs that can be on your door.  The extension springs mount along the side of the horizontal tracks and the torsion springs mount on the torsion tube above the door.  If you have the extension spring assembly, it recommended to change to the torsion spring assembly, provided that you have the headroom above the garage door to do so.  If you have the torsion springs, the springs can be replaced.  In addition, if you have a total of two torsion springs and only one of them is broken, it is highly recommended to replace both springs unless the unbroken one has been replaced recently.

A. Most garage door models and manufacturers offer top sections with windows in them.  It is important to know the size (width x height) of the section that you want to replace, along with the manufacturer and model number of your garage door.  This information is often along one of the side edges of the garage door on a sticker provided by the original manufacturer.  In some cases, after a period of time, garage door manufacturers change the way that they manufacture the sections and they no longer fit with the older generation sections.  If this is the case, your best bet may be to replace your entire garage door with an updated door.  There are many options to choose from on the market today that can suit your style as well as your budget.

A. In most cases, unfortunately, no, you cannot add electric safety eyes to an older existing electric operator if they did not originally come with them.  If the safety of your garage door opener is a concern, the recommendation would be to replace it with a newer, updated and safer electric operator.

A. You've come to the right place!  We repair and service all makes, models, and brands of garage doors and electric operators.  Contact the office location closest to you today to schedule and appointment